Visionscape is a hardware project management company which provides ‘product development service’ and ‘marketing service’ for hardware start-ups/brands.

Our focus is digital hardware such as wearable technology and Internet of Things although we are open to explore any collaborative works with innovative hardware entrepreneurs/experts.

For ‘product development service’, we would like to be a credible partner for our clients by offering “one stop” end-to-end customized services from design, prototype development, R&D and manufacturing in addition to fulfillment service. This can enable entrepreneurs from focusing on what they should do.

For ‘marketing service’, Visionscape offers a variety of marketing initiatives especially in Asia. As a ‘value-add distributor’, we help our partners’ products get introduced in Asia mainly China, Japan, and Korea through our extensive networks built by experience and partnerships. We have built up many successful cases boosting up our clients’ sales in Asia.

Visionscape’s US office is located in Menlo Park, California to directly take care of Silicon Valley projects, which account for more than 70% of whole projects.

Our headquarter is in Seoul, Korea where most of our R&D professionals are working. Factory is located in Incheon, Korea, taking charge of state-of-art manufacturing for our partners.