Premier brand for Internet live video in China

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PPTV, jointly invested in by several internationally well-known venture capital firms, is an online video network technology platform provider serving China as well as Chinese communities around the world, and a pioneer in fifth-generation new media.

PPTV is the largest leading online TV service in China offering featured television shows, sports, entertainment, news, and other popular video contents. It is characterized by its live-streaming service and professional video production. Based on the online video cloud platform PPCLOUDTM, PPTV is accessible from a variety of systems including a PC website (, mobile phones and devices, and Internet TV or set-up boxes provided by certified carriers. PPTV offers clients timely, high-quality, and interactive online media experiences.

PPTV was founded in May 2005. Recently, it secured a $420 million investment from Lenovo and Retailer Suning. An iResearch report shows that PPLive holds more than 60% of the online video live broadcasting market, making it the most popular online video entertainment platform among global Chinese communities.

Its competitors are, and Tecent Video.

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