Integrated circuit solutions provider

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Availink is a semiconductor high-technology company, which specializes in designing chips for digital TV and multimedia areas, and developing application systems.

The company was founded in 2005, and the members of the founding team are mostly overseas returned scientists.

Members of the core management team in the company come from top 500 ranking enterprises in the world, who have many years of R&D experience and R&D achievements.

Availink is devoted to being the leader of the industry, whose product line extends to every specified market ranging from satellite television’s demodulator chips of the fields of digitalto digital TV. It from satellite television’s demodulator chips, covering covers digital television’s technology standards, for instance, satellites, ground surfaces, and the wired.

The company provides many kinds of multi-standard demodulation and decoding chips, the chip-based system platform schemes and multimedia solutions, which can mainly be appliedy on to the high-speed developing digital TV field and provide products and services for the global enterprise clients.

The company’s accumulated chips shipped more than one hundred million pieces.